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Here you will find a small selection of projects that we love! With us, start-ups and corporates work hand in hand on digital solutions – a real win-win situation.

duisport simplifies maintenance of quay walls and sheet piles with startport startup Mavisoft

#6 Batch

startport brings and Bohnen Logistik together

Bohnen Logistik, a subsidiary of the duisport Group, has been operating the central warehouse for Jacques’ Wein-Depot in Mönchengladbach since 1 May 2020 and is responsible for distribution throughout Germany. develops digital trainers that can be used as “foremen” for manual work processes in production and logistics. Bohnen uses the solution as a support for safety instructions (e.g. correct lifting and carrying or dealing with accidents at work) and for training new employees (e.g. recurring tasks such as picking goods for the online shop or for different scenarios in goods receipt).

#3 Batch

dpa digitalises transport processes with startport startup Cargo-Bay

The startport startup Cargo-Bay was able to win duisport agency GmbH (dpa), a subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport), as its first customer and is developing the digital B2B booking platform for multimodal transports for dpa. Cargo-Bay’s logistics platform thus not only digitises the otherwise analogue processes of freight handling, but also digitally networks other companies, branches and employees throughout Europe. In this way, the start-up ensures an optimal process flow and time and costs are saved.

#1 Batch

BVB incorporates its fans even more with idea-ly

Coming up with ideas, sharing them, and implementing them more easily: this is the objective that the start-up company idea-ly, founded in 2020, has set itself, also succeeding in winning over the eight-time German champion Borussia Dortmund with its business model. idea-ly gives BVB the opportunity to record and evaluate employee and fan ideas in a single system. The goal: continuous improvement of the fan experience and communication between the club and its fans.

#4 Batch

Duisburger Hafen AG digitises idea mailbox for employees with startport-startup idea-ly

Every great innovation starts with a small idea. The startup idea-ly, founded in 2020, offers the basis with its platform: a digital form of the classic idea mailbox. With this, the startup was also able to convince Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) of its merits. With idea-ly, duisport has the opportunity to record and evaluate employee ideas in a system.

#4 Batch

The current start-ups

The entire logistics industry faces a number of immense challenges at many different levels: The search is on for innovative solutions for digitally-controlled supply chains and connected modality and automation, as well as ideas for reducing energy and fuel consumption against the background of climate change. That’s what our start-ups are working on:

S O NAH surfs on the urbanisation megatrend by creating a digital twin of cities that becomes the operating system on which smart cities run and infrastructure is managed.

ANTMASCHINEN designed, engineered and built the ANT – a remote-controlled electric terminal/yard robot that facilitates the transfer of trailers and containers into logistics terminals.

The MIA Mobility Engine helps cities and businesses make data-driven decisions about mobility infrastructure and services.

upBUS is a unified solution for a fluid transport system. A multimodal approach that combines multiple modes of transport, innovates urban mobility and enables true seamless mobility.

EVA is shaping the future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and laying the foundation for the UAV infrastructure system.

cityscaper merges your visions and projects three-dimensionally with the surroundings. You can experience the future on site, get a deep understanding of the planned projects and discuss them interactively with others.

xpack is a patented reusable packaging developed for e-commerce and parcel services shipping and adapted to their specific requirements.

Papair GmbH develops innovative technologies and processes for the production of sustainable packaging materials, e.g. for the production of a bubble wrap made of recycled paper.

BOOXit is on its way to becoming the new standard in logistics as it solves the two main problems of reusable containers: 1. loss and 2. return transport costs. The BOOXit technology with its digitalisation possibilities for parcel logistics makes Physical Internet, IoT, AI possible and manages to be a competitive alternative to cardboard.

Horizer transforms any vehicle into a solar-powered vehicle and reduces fuel consumption, costs and CO2 emissions by 32%.

Everimpact helps cities and industries measure, reduce and monetise their greenhouse gas emissions with IoT software that combines satellite, ground sensors and AI data.

AFTS helps companies make their diverse supply chains transparent and trace products back to their origin. In this way, various sustainability goals can be implemented and verified.

aparkado is developing a platform for truck drivers that uses satellite data combined with an intelligent algorithm to find parking spaces next to the motorway to combat the problem of parking space shortages in Europe.

Optimatik RING is a real-time IoT platform that provides tools for managing a new data-driven intralogistics environment.

IO-Dynamics has developed the IO-ELON charging software for e-fleets, which controls and manages the charging of e-cars in a sustainable, reliable and efficient way, especially in corporate fleets.

Everysens offers the first Transport Visibility & Management System (TVMS): a new generation of TMS for intermodal logistics that deeply integrates field visibility data into your transport processes.

With the integration platform, existing and new systems or solutions can be networked, end-to-end transparency created and the control and automation of logistics processes optimised for all parties involved.

zensor extends the life of assets and facilities by providing an advanced monitoring tool based on end-to-end products with continuous and automated data analysis.

Pathway – früher bekannt als NavAlgo – entwickelt eine Datenbank, die denkt. Es ist ein bahnbrechendes Entwicklungswerkzeug für Unternehmenskunden, das maschinelles Lernen in Echtzeit auf Live-Event-Streams ermöglicht. Es bietet eine einheitliche Quelle der Wahrheit aus Rohdaten, in der Logistik und anderen Branchen. Das Unternehmen wird von Frauen geführt und ist ein Deeptech-Unternehmen.

Mavisoft nutzt künstliche Intelligenz und digitale Zwillinge, um Bilder und ihre Eigenschaften zu analysieren, insbesondere Defekte in Metall, Beton und anderen Materialien, die häufig auf Industriegeländen zu finden sind.

Flynex’s platform systematically collects data from assets, objects and buildings using drones to automatically inspect, measure and document them.

Blue Atlas Robotics enables maritime professionals to see their assets below the waterline by seamlessly and autonomously collecting data and creating large-scale 3D digital twins.

ContainerGrid is the solution for end-to-end paperless, supported workflows in waste management and recycling, enabling simple, flexible and mobile communication as well as documentation between the parties involved.

CONROO unlocks potential by networking terminals, depots, warehouses and carriers. This enables cost savings of up to 50%.

RIIICO develops B2B software that enables manufacturing and logistics companies to plan, simulate and modify plants more efficiently by creating visual factory twins with artificial intelligence based on 3D scans.

Your Easy AI makes the use of artificial intelligence in logistics easier, faster and cheaper. With our do-it-yourself tool, businesses can create customised data analytics and turn their data into valuable insights – without AI skills.

Impargo automates road freight collaboration and supports tech underserved SMEs across Europe with a user-friendly and easy-to-integrate supply chain SaaS solution.

Forenamics uses AI to connect all relevant internal and external data points for unprecedented revenue forecasting accuracy.

CargoTrouper matches self-employed truck drivers (without own vehicle) with transport companies via a digital matching platform.

anet360 supports companies in training their employees via a smartphone-based platform.

ZeKju enables digital communication and data exchange on the road without drivers or dispatchers having to install new apps or software.

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Niklas Schwichtenberg

Co-Founder of idea-ly

The motto 'make it happen' is taking startport to the top! By networking with the partner companies, we received our first pilot customers and were able to get off to a good start.

Tim Klauke

Co-Founder of ForkOn

Thanks to the great network at startport we could establish numerous contacts to supporters, partners, investors, and customers.

Andreas Kwiatkowski

Co-Founder of

startport is a fantastic program for any logistics & supply chain start-up. The whole team is fully committed to activating their network in order to establish valuable contacts for their start-ups.

Arne Oltmann

CEO at limbiq

The (startport) program has a great team and networking events that really helped us.
It’s an awesome program and thematically focused on logistics.
The office is by far the nicest in the entire Ruhr region.

Enisa Kaupe

Parklab Technologie

We joined startport to take advantage of the large network and exchange ideas with other companies and startups. The startport team supported us very well and helped us move forward. We continue to enjoy using the premises because we like the atmosphere there and we are always offered further support. The networking opportunities are very good there.

Jan Dette

Co-Founder at Your Easy AI

We applied to startport to grow as entrepreneurs.
Our biggest benefit in the program was access to the large network that startport has, as well as getting to know many different potential clients.


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