Promoting a creative innovation culture.

Logistics is based on the idea of moving things. And there are few other industries that are as dynamic as the logistics industry, and whose success hinges so much on the ability to find solutions for the needs of tomorrow. As a subsidiary of the Port of Duisburg, startport GmbH wants to start a creative innovation culture and promote innovations in the logistics and supply chain areas. With this claim, we promote and challenge young startups to develop viable ideas for the leading logistics hub in the heart of Europe together with duisport and the companies based in the port.

The startport team

Peter Trapp

Managing Director

Johannes Franke

Startup Management / Events

Gregor Marx


Christoph Kahlert

Business Partner Relationship

Thomas Jansen


Jens Baumhardt

Collaboration / Communication

Alexander Garbar

Acquisition Financial Network

Ricarda Timm

PR / Social Media

Afra Krasniqi

Office Management

Jessica Büttner

Community Management

Jan Herzogenrath

Startup Management / Workshops

Our location - full of symbolism and inspiration

Coal went out and containers came in: We know change! The Port of Duisburg has shown how a sustainable change process can be turned into an impressive success story. startport is located in the Duisburg interior port, a previously abandoned port areal that has grown into a lively and popular city quarter with a Mediterranean flair. In its midst is the Werhahnmühle (Werhahn Mill), the building of the former Rheinische Mühlenwerke. Here, startport provides 850 m² generously configured office space - the combination of early-industrial charm and state-of-the-art furnishings offers an attractive and inspiring work environment with excellent transport connections.

  • 01_Office space
  • 850 m²
  • 02_Network
  • 29 Partners
  • 03_Location
  • 47051
  • 04_Team
  • 11 employees
  • 05_Expertise
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
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