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Whether in your own company or the entire industry: We are looking for forward thinkers who are prepared to take the path to a digital future with courage and curiosity!

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At startport we invite you to an exchange: Is the Blockchain actually suitable for the logistics industry? How do companies manage to keep the CO2 balance of their transports low? We bring science, companies, investors, and start-ups together and create synergy effects: for future-oriented logistics solutions.

Exclusive partners
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Our exclusive partners are the heart of our program: They are given a place on the advisory board and continue to develop startport, decide on the selection of start-ups, and can work on innovative solutions in their own project teams on our office space in the interior port.

Exclusive partners are key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem of the Rhine-Ruhr region and are perceived as such throughout Europe and Germany. Together with them we are establishing startport as a “place to be” for start-ups in the logistics and supply chain sector.

Our program partners, who support us with their expertise, area very close to us. Within the scope of workshops and individual consultations, and by participating in our events, they ensure that their experience and knowledge also reaches us. At the same time, our program partners gain deep insight into the challenges and strategies of the start-up players through an intensive exchange.

Our program partners are specialists: Whether legal advice, innovation workshops, grant applications, or technology sparring, our program partners know exactly what they are doing and establish long-term and valuable relationships in our network.

Our network partners are always up to date on start-up topics. We plan interesting specialist events with them and stay in touch with them about new developments in the Rhine-Ruhr start-up ecosystem. Through good communication with stakeholders of the ecosystem, synergies can be identified early on!

Those who want to participate in the rapid development of the start-up ecosystem in Europe, Germany, and the Rhine-Ruhr region cannot do this alone. In order to be internationally attractive for start-ups, functioning networks are essential – we work hand in hand on this!

Our financial network offers direct access to business angels and venture capital. They are the contact person for the financing rounds of our start-ups and get valuable contacts to exciting investment opportunities

The potential for innovation in the fields of logistics and the supply chain is becoming increasingly well known in investor circles – and increasingly popular. No wonder, since start-ups are meeting the industry’s great demand for digitalization and offer solutions that can reveal enormous savings potential.

“Serial idealists – yes, that’s exactly what we need!”

Johannes Franke Partner & Event Management


Shaping the future, making new contacts, expanding your area of expertise – there are many good reasons to become a startport partner!

Networking at events
Gain access to sophisticated events

New technologies at first hand
Make contact with innovative start-ups

Recognize trends early on
Detailed insight into the logistics of the future

Thomas Patermann

Chairman of the Board at Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg

I am looking forward to the cooperation with startport and hope that with the help of the start-ups we will be able to implement interesting digitalization and innovation projects. An innovation platform such as startport is a good starting point for everyone to take the first step towards digital transformation.

Jörg Banholzer

Chief Technology Manager at duisport

The range of start-up ideas surrounding logistic topics here at startport is impressive. We can bring these ideas to life alongside our everyday needs.

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