Peter Trapp

“We are the transformation professionals!”

Peter Trapp_Managing Director startport GmbH

Win. Win. Win.

Every successful partnership is based on the idea that it should benefit everyone involved. But just to be on the safe side, we will say it once more. Your ideas and new perspectives should strengthen the competitiveness of our partners and also the profile of the "duisport" logistics hub as an innovative location. In turn, we make it easier for you to realize your ideas and ensure that they can be turned into a lucrative business model more quickly.



Exclusive / Network / Technology Partners / Financial Network (Partners)

The one-year Accelerator program at startport: Benefits for startups

During the course of the one-year Accelerator program, we transform your startup into a company with a market-ready product. You benefit from a comfortable workspace, energetic support and direct access to a global network of potential customers or project partners from the industry and logistics sector.

Attractive work environment
  • Generous office space
  • Open and inspiring feel-good atmosphere with creative furnishings
  • Internet connection
Mentoring and coaching services from startport
  • Workshops on technical issues
  • Evaluation / Reflection of business idea
Access to an industry and logistics network
  • Collaboration with company representatives in sub-projects
  • Access to logistics assets
Contacts to potential customers, partners and investors