Ideas become opportunities.

The startport program's four steps to success: The way to your goal begins with an application (see below).


The logistics industry is facing considerable challenges. Maybe you have a solution that no one has thought of yet?
Then apply now!


Promising startups are invited to join the program and can use the infrastructure and workshop offerings for one year free of charge.


A qualified jury selects the best ideas submitted by the applicants. The candidates then have a chance to present their ideas and concepts in more detail right here in Duisburg.

The application form

You think that the idea of an on-line application form is an antiquated concept, and maybe not so innovative after all? Quite possible. Maybe you are right. Suggest a better idea. Or use the form to tell us more about your innovations in the logistics or supply chain sector (*all fields are mandatory fields)!

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12_How much has been invested in your startup/project to date and who are the investors? *

13_Does your startup have a legal form, and if so, which does it have? *

14_We require a pitch deck to evaluate your startup/business idea* (max. 64 MB) *
A pitch deck refers to a presentation that you will use to explain your business idea to investors and stakeholders.
You can download further information on pitch decks and their requirements here.

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