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Which program suits you?

From the idea phase to the finished product – we’ll help you at whichever stage you are! In our two start-up programs, the Incubator and the Accelerator, we have different emphases to make the best out of your start-up. The special thing about both programs: We do not have standard procedures that we run through with every batch. Each batch is given a tailor-made program that is adapted to the different needs. Without giving away shares! We just want your commitment.


Ideas become opportunities!

The startport program’s four steps to success: The way to your goal begins with an application!


Step 1

The logistics industry is facing considerable challenges. Maybe you have a solution that no one has thought of yet?


  • Create an initial pitch deck
  • Fill out our application form
  • Send us your application
  • Always come to us with questions

Step 2

A qualified jury selects the best ideas submitted by the applicants. The candidates then have a chance to present their ideas and concepts in more detail right here in Duisburg.

The next steps:

  • The startport team reviews the applications
  • Your documents are forwarded to the jury
  • The jury decides which start-ups they would like to meet for a pitch
  • Invitation to the jury pitch: You personally present your idea in Duisburg
  • Selection: You receive prompt feedback on the jury decision

Step 3

You’ve done it! You’re now a startport start-up. Access to our exciting network is open to you and we will help you give your start-up the speed it needs to fly!

Your onboarding

  • In the onboarding-workshop we develop individual goals for your start-up
  • From now on the premises at startport are at your disposal
  • We will network you with the relevant partners
  • Once you’re in the network we offer you the stage for your start-up

Apply now!

A small step for you and a big one for your start-up! Benefit from close support and a strong partner at your side – we support you with all questions surrounding the founding and scaling process. We do all this because we want to promote innovation in logistics. Come aboard!




Here we have a small collection of questions that may arise during the application process. Can’t find an answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to contact us – we are looking forward to your message!

How long do the two programs last?

Both the startport Incubator and the startport Accelerator are scheduled for one year each. During this time you will be actively supported as a startport start-up.

Is the program free?

Our program is completely free of charge – furthermore we do not take company shares for participation.

How do I know which program is right for me?

In the Incubator, our focus is on start-ups that do not yet have a marketable product, but still want to get early feedback from customers.
The Accelerator contains start-ups that already have a finished product and are looking for pilot customers.
Is your start-up somewhere in between? Then contact us and describe where you currently stand. We will then give you an assessment of your optimal program.

Do I have to do the coworking in Duisburg?

In the Incubator, we expect a stronger presence due to the higher need for care, which is to be arranged individually. Start-ups in the Accelerator do not have to utilize on-site coworking. We ensure good contact within the scope of a fixed telephone appointment at least every two weeks.

How to create a good pitch deck

A pitch deck is the ticket for many different situations: Investor meetings, customer acquisition, competitions or programme applications, for example at startport. This is why it is important that you always have a convincing pitch deck at hand. But what is actually convincing? Based on our experiences, we want to give you 4 tips for your next pitch deck.

Tips for a convincing pitch deck