Do startups really need a platform?

After all, Carl Benz, Steve Jobs or Malcom McLean did not need help when it came to changing the world with their ideas ... That is of course one way of looking at it. But let us ask the question in a different way: How much further could we be if the really clever people in the world had received just a little bit of help? That is how we see it. And that is why we established startport. Because the logistics industry in particular depends on fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Innovative digital logistics solutions

startport intends to integrate startups that focus on logistics and the supply chain into the ecosystem. Therefore it is looking for startups that offer solutions / innovations for the following:

“We are the garage for the geniuses of today.”

Peter Trapp_Managing Director of startport GmbH

Ideas. New perspectives. Innovations.

The backgrounds of modern inventors make for a good story. But not every important innovation has to start in a garage. Therefore, startport is creating an environment in which ideas for innovative logistics solutions can mature and take shape - with the support of duisport and partners from all relevant logistics sectors.

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The platform for people 1) who have good ideas for logistics and the supply chain, and 2) who believe that their vision can be turned into reality.

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Our partners:

People, companies and institutions that know that it takes people like you to find solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

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duisport is the leading logistics hub in central Europe, with close connections to the chemicals, steel, energy, commerce, machine and equipment building industries.

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Our location:

The Duisburg interior port. The former abandoned port areal has blossomed into a lively city district. That is how change works. But it can still be reached by boat.

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850 square meters:

Space for inspiration in the Werhahnmühle. This is where old industrial charm meets modern innovative culture. Plenty of space for your ideas.

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Your ideas:

Maybe a bit on the crazy side. Good! Not so long ago, the idea that every household would have a PC was also considered crazy.